Speed up Windows 10/8/7 using these quick tips and tricks

A clean Windows installation usually restores your device to its original state. But after a while, simply by installing and using different applications, the programs that slow down your computer can run the processes that will certainly keep you running. So, without reinstalling 10, 8, Windows 8.1, or even Windows 7 from scratch, you should do customization and optimization work to speed up your computer system, tablet or desktop
An optimized procedure is an operating system that works without delay or error, firmware that allows you to install new plans and run old processes without highlighting that something bad could happen. Even an optimized Windows 10, 8 or simply Windows 8.1 operating system will instantly respond to your actions and provide you with a great user experience, whether most people are playing a game, watching a huge movie or planning their work using special software.

How to maintain an optimized Windows 10/ Windows 2 / Windows 8.1 system? Well, it’s easy, especially if you know the basic tips like tips that are recommended to improve speed on any Windows operating system. These are just the things we will check below during some of the directives, so don’t stop to learn how to improve my speed on your laptop, tablet or desktop under Windows 8.

How to accelerate and optimize Windows 10, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8.1 PCs

General optimization and customization operations

    • Disable animations, eye shadows and other special achievements

    As we all know, this Windows operating system 10, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8.1 should be easy to customize by applying some other animations and shadows. Although these selling points and features seem good, you also know who is slowing down your desktop. So, the first thing to do is to disable unnecessary animation, shadows and special effects. You will most likely do so by following the next steps:

    1. Go to your favorite home screen and start this special sequence from there (press Wind + R on the engaged keyboard).
    2. In some print boxes, type sysdm.cpl and press go to the end.
    3. Select the extended calculation in the main program window Properties and select the Performance Exposed Settings section from there.
    4. Select Visual Effects and simply uncheck the Motion Windows from there box, even if you reduce and enlarge, delete or sometimes move menus and delete or move tooltips to the focus.
    5. Save your changes and close this special System Properties window.

When you restart your Windows 10 / Windows Important / Windows 8.1 system, several PC-based software and programs that are synchronized based on boot programs can be correctly loaded. Some of these sites are very important, while others have just slowed down your guitar. So, to optimize your computer system, you must disable a boot program – follow the steps in the following sections to do the same:

        Task Manager on your Windows 6, 8.1 base device – use a Ctrl + Alt + Del string in this context.
      1. Select the Startup tab , take a look at the main Startup Impact section and simply delete processes that contain the above-average start-up impact.
      • Use antivirus or antimalware software
      • Protecting your data is a real need if you have an action-based Windows 10 device, especially if you are browsing different online sources. For this substance, it is more than recommended to use antivirus or antimalware software. Now, make sure you choose an appropriate program that can provide complete protection and firewall support. In addition, choose a tool that consumes too many resources or, unlike you, your computer could slow down.

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              • Choose the perfect power plan

        On any device running Windows 10, 8 or Windows 8.1, you can choose from three other power plans. Well, these intensity plans meet certain requirements that lead to the fact that you can also increase your speed by choosing the right skills. So, if you want complete endurance, you should use high performance, because in this mode, the CPU runs at full power.

        a. Applying dedicated optimization techniques

              • Cleaning your own registry

        Installing and connecting different programs will ultimately have the real direct impact on the Windows registry storage. Of course, your sewing machine will slow down over time due to generally invalid and corrupted registry entries, so it will be a good idea to use a registry cleaning application from the computer system to ensure the actual routine maintenance of your registry.

      • Optimize disk performance

      We all know that when there are usually problems with the disk, the computer runs more slowly, with delays and with various errors. Well, that’s why you should regularly check the current performance of your hard drive to optimize it and the associated curse to ensure a lot of power and therefore better performance. So, if you need to solve problems with the hard disk, check the steps below:

    1. Go to your home screen and access your charm label from there.
    2. In field Search enter the type defragment and press the Enter key during the task.
    3. In the search results comes to a decision Defragment and optimize your drives and generally the Optimize Drivers window will appear on your computer.
    4. First, find the analysis of each driver in the shipment to determine whether or not a defragmentation function is necessary.
    5. If you need to repair your drive, simply select the optimization technique.
        • Check the lower sectors on your hard drives

        Another challenge that could be related to your hard drives is the lower sectors issue. Now, to improve things and increase the speed of your powered Windows 10, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8.1 device, you should look for the wrong sectors. If there are bad sectors in this regard, the glass operating system will separate the same from my rest of your hard disk – if you have relevant problems, not good sector, then it is better to replace your hard disk with a new one. Here’s how you can always search for sectors below the average:

        1. Right-click on the fire you want to analyze.
        2. Usage properties.
        3. Select the Tools tab and select Check for errors.
        4. Your Windows operating system will look for errors on your disk and this will also lead you to the right results (you can then see if there are very bad sectors or not).

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        • Do not turn on without your computer

        Each time your software is restarted or turned on, various programs and functions are loaded. In principle, my restart sequence should cause all the basic processes of all start programs. This process you have to wait until everything is brought to the highest level. Well, you can skip all that by putting your computer on standby or simply putting it on standby. This way, when the device is turned on, the things you left it with will be restored without you having to start the boot process.

      • Uninstall applications and programs that the buyer does not need

      If you do not regularly use certain computer applications and software, it is easy to forget that you have created them on your computer. Some of these applications can even run in the background and use your private resources. The best solution is to simply browse the list because of the applications and programs installed on your computer and uninstall those that no one needs anymore.

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