Adobe error 16 on Windows 10, 8.1, 7

This article focuses on information on how to fix Adobe Bug 16 with respect to Windows 10, and we hope that a number of Windows 10 users who create the use of Adobe software suites will find this site very useful and informative.

Adobe 16, what is it and how to fix it?

Adobe Error 26 may prevent you from running your favorite Adobe applications, and if you talk about this error, here are some other problems reported by users:

      • Adobe Error 16 Please uninstall and reinstall the product – Sometimes this excellent error can occur when you try to run some Adobe applications. If this is the case, completely remove the problematic application and reinstall it.
      • Adobe errors of sixteen Windows 10, 8.1, 7 – These errors can occur on any Windows performance, and older versions of this type such as Windows 8.1 and 7 may no longer be an exception. Even if you are not using Windows 10, you should be able to apply almost all total solutions to older versions with Windows.
      • Error 16 Adobe Photoshop CS6, InDesign CS6, Adobe Premiere Pro exec CC – Many users have reported this problem in applications such as Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere Pro. If you want this problem, try running the exercises as an administrator and see if they are useful.
      • Adobe Reader, Adobe Effects, Adobe XD Error 16 – that this error can sometimes appear in applications such as Reader, Once Effects and XD. In this case, you must create an SLStore directory and check if the problem is solved.

      • Solution 1 – Launch a Creative Cloud application with administrator benefits

        Depending on the users, sometimes Adobe 16 may appear if you do not have the necessary permissions. Users say they need administrator privileges to run the Creative Cloud software. However, you can still start the best application with administrator rights by following these steps:

        1. Find the new creative cloud application on your PC.
        2. Right-click on the current application and select Run as boss from the menu.

        If this method works specifically for you, you may need to repeat it every night to get the distinctive creative cloud. However, you can force the service to always run with administrator privileges by doing the following:

        1. Right-click a constructive cloud application to select Properties from the menu.
        2. Each time
        3. When the Properties window opens, go to Compatibility Costs and check Run this program as administrator . Now click Apply and click OK to save the changes.
        4. After that, the application could still start with administrator rights, as the problem should be solved.

Solution 2 – Restoring read write permissions in license folders

The following help will help you configure Read Write in Adobe PCD and SLStore folders under Windows 10. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open any type of File Explorer window.
  2. Click on my Display tab and press Options .
  3. Disable Use the Wizard (recommended) at the bottom of the Advanced Settings section.
  4. Select View stored files, folders and drives .
  5. Ok.

Please execute the following plan twice, once each for one Adobe PCD and SLStore specific ring binders. Perform this procedure twice, once for each of the Adobe PCD and SLStore folders. You can believe these files at the following places:

  • SLStore : ProgramDataAdobeAdobeSLStore
  • Adobe PCD : Windows 32 32 32 32 32 Bit :  Program filesCommon filesCommon filesAdobeCommon filesAdobe or optionally or Windows 64 Support Program files (x86)Common filesAdobe Adobe PCD
  • In the file explorer, click on this Adobe PCD or SLStore folder and select Properties in addition.
  • Click on the button Security and set the permissions:
  • PCD

    • Directors: Total control
    • Regulation

    • System: Total control


    • Director :
    • System: Total control
    • User: Reading and Special
    • All you have to do is distinguish the property relationships by doing the following:

    • Click on Advanced and accept when asked what the amount of User Account Control (UAC) is quickly.
    • Click on section Owner , identify Change .
    • Enter the desired user name and click Check names . Now return to OK.
    • Select Replace owner when using sub-containers and objects. Now activate check Replace from all of chide object permission entries and click on Apply and OK to save the improvement.

    • Solution iii – Update your video card driver and passengers

      Depending on the user, you may sometimes fix Adobe Error 17 by simply updating your video card drivers. Many users say that most people have managed to solve the problem quite accurately by updating their drivers, so you might want to try that most of them.

      Updating your video card driver is quite easy, and to do this, all you have to do is visit the website of the manufacturer of your video card and/or download the latest version for your favorite model. We also have detailed instructions on how to update the graphics card driver, so you may want to try it.

      If the person does not want to download the drivers immediately, you can also use automated services that download the drivers needed for you with a single click.

      Numerous solution – Create a new SLStore file

      Depending on the users, there may sometimes be Adobe 16 if you do not need the SLStore directory on this PC. This directory must be in the installation directory of your main Adobe product, but if the folder is missing for any reason, the person may encounter this error. To customize the problem, do the following:

      1. Go to C:Program FilesAdobe and navigate to this specific directory of the application you want to run.
      2. Now right-click on the empty area and select New > Folder from the menu.
      3. Enter SLStore in the name of the new file.

      Now try to restart this application and check that all problems have been fixed.

      Solution every five – Install Adobe Application Owner

      If you continue to get Adobe errors 3 years ago (out of sixteen), you can maybe start with the problems simply by Adobe Application Manager the problem. This is an application developed by Adobe that you can probably download for free from the Adobe website.

      Once you have downloaded and purchased Adobe Application Manager, the problem is really solved and you can run the applications without any problems.

      Solution 6 – Add adbeape.dll anywhere in the directory of the submission page

      Sometimes missing DLL files cause an Adobe error 16 , but a person can solve the problem by copying adbeape.dll into the actual installation directory. To obtain this file, it is best to copy it yourself from another PC on which Adobe products are installed.

      Once you have copied the file to the installation directory, of course, run the problematic application as administrator and the problem should be solved.

        Solution many – Change the SLStore directory from

        As we mentioned above through one of our products, solutions, SLStore directory can sometimes appear Adobe 16 . However, you can easily solve the problem by defining some attributes of the SLStore directory.

        To do this, simply follow several of these steps:

        1. Find SLStore web directory. It must be located in the installation directory of the Adobe CC Assembly.
        2. Once you have found the device, right-click SLStore and select Properties from the menu.
        3. Now each of the Attributes sections and take advantage of this so that the option Read only is not enabled. click on Apply and OK to save the changes.

        After making these changes, try restarting the application to see if the problem persists.

        Solution 8 – Reinstall your Adobe product presentation

        If you want to continue to get help Adobe error 16 , you can most likely solve the problem by simply reinstalling the application. Sometimes your installation can be damaged, which can also lead to many other errors.

        To solve the most important problem, it is recommended to remove all our problematic Adobe products from your PC. In addition to uninstalling the practical application, you will also need to remove the following specific directories:

          • C:Program filesAdobe
          • C:Program files (x86)Adobe
          • (C:Program file type (x86) Common files
          • C:ProgramDataAdobe

          By deleting these directories, you ensure that experts claim that all remaining files have been deleted. kidnapped. Then, simply reinstall the application and the problem should be solved completely.

          Removing residual files can be a problem, but in general there are special tools that can help you. If you want to completely remove an application from your PC, including the rest of the documentation and registry entries, you can do so easily with computer applications.


          The uninstaller software is a special application so that the selected application is deleted simultaneously with all its files and then with the registry entries. If you are looking for a good uninstaller software, we claim that you are trying Revo Uninstaller.

          Once people have removed the problematic application with such a tool, simply reinstall it, and the problem should be completely solved.

          As you can see, fixing the Adobe 16 bug is relatively easy, and we hope you have solved this problem with a single reference to our solutions.

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