Your device is being protected blocks Windows 10 Security Center

Windows 10’s integrated security solutions have proven to be highly competitive in the specific anti-malware market. In addition, the Windows Security Center is at the heart of everything from security and performance to helpers. But whatever the type of functionality, it is not error-free. Recent reports indicate that the Windows Computer Security Center on the Home Panel prompt panel indicates that your device is uniquely protected . All the options had originally disappeared, and the only thing the affected user could do was to disable the center.

To this end, my family and I have prepared solutions that should prove useful. If you have worked on something similar with Windows Home Surveillance Center, follow these steps.

What if the Windows Basic Security Center is blocked in Windows 10

  • ? Reset dedicated service
  • Currently, delete a third-party antivirus program
  • Run SFC to update DISM
  • Windows 10
  • Switch to data recovery options
  • 1:

    Since the Windows Move Center and its Window Shades Defender child are an integral part of the Windows 10 platform, you cannot reinstall any items. What you can do when the software comes to troubleshoot or troubleshoot problems related to Windows Action Center is undoubtedly to reset the dedicated service. Once you have reset the service, the Windows Procedure Center should start working as expected.

    You can do this by following the instructions below:

  • Press the Windows + R key to open the Run command line.
  • At the command prompt, type services.msc and Marketing Enter, or click OK.
  • To allow them to access the Security Center Service, right-click on the software and open Properties.
  • In the General tab, select Automatic as your Current Start Type .
  • When the service Stop is created, it is started and Start is started as before. If it has stopped, start it too.
  • Confirm changes and close services.
  • 2: Remove anti-virus protection


    If you choose to use a great third-party anti-malware tool, the system automatically removes Windows Defender. However, the Home Window Security Center must remain active, whether you are running the defender or a third-party antivirus or not. On the other hand, there is information that says something different. That is, some multifunctional PC suites tend to block your Windows Security Center program. These are essentially similar applications, thanks to a variety of monitoring functions and maintenance tools included in the suite.

      Therefore, it is possible that your third-party antivirus solution may block the Windows reliability center. If, for any reason, you need the integrated solution, the best way to avoid it is to uninstall the antivirus accordingly.

      You can do this by following one of the following special instructions:

      1. Enter control and responsive control panel in the exact Windows search bar .
      2. Uninstall a program
      3. UseIObit Uninstaller Pro (suggested) or almost any other third-party uninstaller to clean any remaining files and registry entry
      4. Restart your PC.
      5. Try to open the hole in the Windows Security Center again.

      ()some: Run SFC and DISM

      If an extremely important system component fails, system errors are lucky. Critical product defects usually occur due to damage to device files, infection or improper use of the computer. Another necessary problem, however, are very important updates that tend to disrupt the network. Either way, we recommend that you walk around with 2 system tools integrated into the structure to eventually solve hand troubleshooting problems.

          The first application is System File Checker and your dog’s main purpose is to check the overall integrity of the system files and take advantage of corrections if necessary. Here is how it works under Windows 10:

        • Type cmd in the Windows search band.
        • Right-click Command Prompt and launch it as Administrator.
        • On the work line, type sfc/scannow and press Enter for new media.
        • On the other hand, the tool for managing and maintaining deployment images would be similar, but increasing compared to SFC. It runs on Windows servers to download missing system files to corrupted system files. As with an SFC, it performs the following steps to execute it under Windows 10:

          1. Command to open the command prompt with administrator privileges.
          2. Enter the following commands in the input line and even press Enter after each line:
              /online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
            • (DISM /Online /RestoreHealth
          3. Wait until our own scanning / repair process ends.

          4 :

          iv : Windows 10 update

          We have already highlighted some negative effects of some updates on Windows 10. Fortunately, by supporting the feedback centre reports, many important system issues were resolved in the short term. Therefore, when I propose to update the system as before, I write again as soon as possible. This is especially true for Windows insiders, who undoubtedly often encounter similar errors.

          As you all know, updates can be distributed automatically according to the latest Microsoft software iteration. On the other hand, we can physically check the available updates by following these steps:

          1. Right-click on Start and select
          2. Settings .
          3. Select Update and security.
          4. Under Windows Update, click on the selection Check for Updates.

          : Enable accessible recovery options

          Finally, if none of the above actions provides the final solution to most ongoing problems, recovery options will be the only thing that reaches our brain. Of course, you can also reset the System Restore option, but this only works if you have previously defined fixed points. Our solution for these scenarios is the factory reset. You can keep your photos and applications and access system renewal at the same time. The reinstallation of the pure system has its advantages, fortunately this recovery is probably the one that represents a big compromise.

                  You will probably reset your PC to the default settings by following the steps described below:

                  1. First of all, it is important to update your data again on a replacement partition or cloud storage.
                  2. Once you have done this, press the Windows key + I on your windows. theSettingsapp.
                  3. Open the Update &
                  4. Select Recovery in the left pane.
                  5. Click on the button Get Started under section Reset this PC .
                  6. Select clickNext.

                  This is a follow-up. If you still have the same products, the only remaining solution is to reinstall from scratch with a simple reinstall. If you have an alternative workaround solution for problems with the Windows Security Center, you should be happy to share it with us. You can do this in any of our comment boxes below.

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