Fix now Something went wrong Facebook error with these tips

Not being able to access our own Facebook profile is such a shock, especially if you don’t understand exactly what is causing the current state. Well, the situation that best reflects this feeling is when you try to connect to Facebook, but you get the error message’Something went wrong‘ brand error message from the store without any further page description.

If you experience the dysfunction described above, you do not need to be nervous. There is nothing wrong with your corporate Facebook account and yes, your personal information is always secure. However, there is probably something wrong with a Facebook application itself, because the generic message “Something took the subway wrong” generally describes your own software problem that occurred on the Facebook platform. So, in almost every situation, the problem must be addressed if you have enough stamina.

If you think something on your Windows 10 system has caused your problem, you can try the troubleshooting methods listed below.

How does the annoying “Something went wrong” error on Facebook work

  • Reload the site?
  • Disable extensions in your browser.
  • Mobile phone browser.

  • Clear your browser’s cache and your tradition.
  • Reset your Facebook account.
  • only 1. reload the site

    As mentioned above, you should really be patient because the problem is likely to be temporary. However, you can try to reload the website by simply bypassing the cache – press our own keyboard shortcuts CTRL+Shift+R.

    a pair. Disable extensions and extensions from your phone

    Normally, Facebook problems can occur if there is a conflict between your current Facebook client and some add-ons or perhaps a recently added extension on your web.

    To solve the main Facebook problem, you must disable them to retrieve them and run the tools in the background. Here’s how your family can do it on multiple web browser clients:


    1. First, the receptive chromium.
    2. Click on the legend menu (the three horizontal points).
    3. Go to Help More Tools and click on the extension.
    4. Click on Delete near the extension the owner wants to delete.
    5. That’s all.
    6. Firefox :

      1. Start Firefox and open the menu (the three horizontal lines).
      2. From Solutions Options Options, click on Add-ons.
      3. In the Extensions Manager tab, select the appearance of extensions.
      4. Select the add-on that everyone wants to delete.
      5. Click the Disable button.
      6. Restart your browser at the end.

      Internet Explorer :

    7. Start IE on your system.
    8. Physical.

    9. Click on the Tools icon.
    10. Go to Manage extensions.
    11. Under Display, you can select all add-ons.
    12. Select the add-on you want to remove and click Disable.
    13. Close and then reopen your user.

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    3. Clear your browser’s cache and history

    You can correct Facebook’s “Something Has Go Wrong” error message by simply clearing your history and cache. Here is also how you can start using it on several browsers:


  • Chromium application Click on the corresponding menu icon in a clear main window.
  • Go to More Tools and simply access Clear Browsing knowledge.
  • Select cookies, other website data collections and any other items you deem necessary to delete and perform the deletion.
  • Restart your browser at the end.
  • Firefox :

    1. Open Firefox on the theme of your device and click on the corresponding Tools button.
    2. access options and not as much as privacy and security.
    3. From there, simply follow the on-screen instructions and select what you want to delete from a person’s browser.
    4. Restart the software when you are finished.

    Internet Explorer :

  • Start Internet Explorer and click on the Tools icon.
  • Under Security, go to Delete Browser History.
  • Select exactly what you want to wipe.
  • Click
  • to take a look at Delete when you are ready.
  • In length, restart your browser at termination.
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  • Reset your personal Facebook account
    1. Go to this page on your website:
    2. Complete the registration form previously with your personal login information.
    3. You can access your business account from the bottom of this page.
    4. Now change your data.
    5. When you are finished, open a new mobile phone web page.
    6. And navigate to
    7. Log in here with the new password.
    8. And follow the on-screen instructions to make my myspace poker chips safe.
    9. Now reopen a new specific page and visit
    10. You must be equipped to access your Facebook account.

    As mentioned above, the Facebook problem “something went wrong” is most likely an internal Facebook error that will be fixed automatically. Otherwise, one of the above troubleshooting solutions should help you solve this problem manually.

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