How to fix the Failed to initialize smartaudio error in Windows 10

The error message Failed to initialize smartaudio error mail is the one that appears when Windows starts up and refers to these web interfaces Conexant High Definition Audio. Conexant High Definition Audio is a pre-installed training course with several Lenovo laptops and desktops. Some users lose sound when this error message is displayed. To resolve the error failed to initialize the smartaudio error step in Windows 10.

Failure, if you are using SmartAudio[FIX]

        1. Open our audio playback troubleshooting
        2. Disable each other audio device driver
        3. Remove SmartAudio Conexant High from WindowsStart from
        4. Disable audio enhancements for the Conexant device
        5. Update the Conexant driver
        6. Reinstall the Conexant audio software

        an assembly. Open Audio Troubleshooting

        Windows 10 includes an audio troubleshooting that can solve many audio problems. As a solution for , the smartaudio message could not be initialized. This is how you should use troubleshooting when you play audio.

      1. Press the button on the Cortana taskbar to open this application.
      2. Return to the search box and select “Troubleshooting” to open the window below.
        • Click here to play the audio and press the button Run this convenience store to open this particular convenience store in the snapshot directly below.
          • Then review the corrections suggested by the main problem solver.

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          2. disable all other audio device drivers

          • Some users have effectively confirmed that disabling audio device drivers makes the difference. To do this, press the vital Windows shortcut key + X.

      3. Click Device Manager to open the Device Manager window.
      4. Double-click Sound, Video and Game Remote Controls to expand the list of audio recording devices.
      5. Then right-click all the audio clips listed, except Conexant SmartAudio HD, then HD, and select their options Disable electronic device.
        • Restart a new Windows platform.

        3rd role SmartAudio HD Conexant From startup

        • If Conexant SmartAudio HD is not your default audio driver, remove it from a specific Windows boot. You can do this by right-clicking on the taskbar and searching for Task Manager .

        • Select the Start tab displayed in the cup directly below.

        • Now select the SmartAudio HD Conexant from the Start tab and press to make sure it is the Disable button.
        • Then restart Windows.
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          Take a look. Disabling audio enhancements for your Conexant audio device

          • Disabling device enhancement settings for Conexant audio tracks is another future solution. To do this, right-click an icon in the speaker system drawer and make a decision for the devices Playback .

          • Then right-click a Conexant audio device on the Playback tab and select Properties.
          • Select the Improvements tab displayed in the record directly below.
            • Select option Disable almost all improvements (or ) Disable all sound effects ).
            • Press button Apply .
            • 5. update the Conexant driver operator

              Some users have explained in forums why updating Conexant SmartAudio HD nobody has set the to ensure that you initialize the smartaudio error for them. Although Conexant does not provide any drivers on this website, it is probably best to redesign the drivers with driver update services. You can add the free Driver Booster software to Windows platforms from XP by clicking on Free Download after this site.

              Driver Booster can automatically search and list slow drivers when you start the product. Then, you can press button Change All to update the truck drivers. You can also press button Update for your current Conexant audio driver.

              6. Reinstalling the Conexant Audio software

              • Finally, reinstalling the Conexant SmartAudio HD software with a new copy can also solve a problem. To do this, press Windows + R Hotkey.
              • Type’appwiz.cpl’ in Run and click OK to open the window below.

              • Select this special software Conexant SmartAudio HD and hold down button Uninstall .
              • a special key Yes to confirm.

              • Restart Windows after removing the software.
              • You can download the latest version of Conexant Audio software under Windows 10 from the World Wide Web page. Page received. You can also open this web page to download software for previous websites.
              • Platforms.

              • Then open the Conexant Audio Software contractor to reinstall the software.

              These solutions will probably solve the that went down to initialize the smartaudio voice message . In addition to these resolutions, a rolling window can also return to a restore using system restore or audio client service restart.

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