VPN won’t work with Sky Go? Here’s how to fix this in 4 steps

is one of the streaming services that offers an overwhelming and above-average number of high quality television shows. Many users are impressed by what is on the menu, with specific TV shows, movies, sports events, media and documentaries. There’s only one small problem.

To be satisfied with Sky’s content, you must live in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland. This can be done by the VPN, who imitates the last UK/RoI IP address to give you access as a researcher. But sometimes it’s much more convenient to say than to do, since VPN rrs for many users just doesn’t work on Sky Go.

For the purpose of the question, we have prepared a number of possible solutions, which are listed below. If you can’t connect and stream to most Sky Go sites, make sure you pay for them.

How to benefit from working with Sky Go on holiday

  1. Make sure your date is set in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
  2. Undoubtedly reinstall the Sky Go application or use a different web browser for web clients
  3. Change servers at different UK/RoI locations
  4. Make sure your VPN is locked since Sky Go

1: Make sure that a time and date are set for Great Britain or the Republic of Cork

First of all. The difference between the current system time and the VPN time (time assigned to a specific IP address) can cause problems accessing Sky Go on a PC from abroad. Sky Go can have anti-proxy services to block us all in another place. Some users have solved the problem by simply setting their system time to behave like UK/RoI site time. After that, you should be able to access the Sky Go, both the application and the client by browser.

    If you are not sure how to make Windows 10 easier to use, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Press the critical Windows + I key to open the exact Settings application.
    2. Open Time and language.
    3. In the date and time field, disable the automatically set time and the automatically set time zone .
    4. Selected time zone and Dublin-London Selected time zone.
    5. You can now reactivate the set Set the time automatically and that’s it.
    6. Start, you are VPN and enter Sky Go another Get.

    : Reinstall the Go heavens application or use another browser to get a web client

    The boot archipelago, applicable VPN is also important. Make sure that you start your VPN and choose exactly the same server location as the one connected to your account. If you have already done so and the problem persists, we recommend that you reinstall the Sky Go desktop client application or switch to another browser if you prefer to use a browser-based navigation starting point.

    Apparently, the vast majority of current browsers are no longer set to Sky Go. Chrome and Mozilla would both have problems, and everything seems to be the same when dealing with Opera. The most appropriate browser for work is, believe it or not, Internet Explorer. But we appreciate which Edge will do a good job, as well as possible.

    To reinstall a particular Sky Go application on your software, do the following:

    1. Enable each VPN and make sure that the settings in your current region are those of the United Kingdom.
    2. Press the Windows + I button You can open Settings.
    3. Click on Object.
    4. Under Apps & Features, find and delete Go skis App.
    5. Restart the current PC.
    6. Open Microsoft Store and apply Sky Go App again.
    7. Start VPN and give Sky Go another option.

    3 : Moving servers to their different UK/RoI location

    Normally, this means that you must change your server/geo location to another location, the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland. However, concerns do not work this way when it comes to accessing the entire Sky Go service from outside the home. If you use a non-premium VPN company, it is difficult to deal with it.

        You can try TunnelBear (supposedly it still works under Sky Go), but due to the disadvantages imposed on a data package, perhaps free 500 MB can consume super fast. We therefore assume that you are using a VPN gadget based on a premium subscription.

        In addition, with the premium solution, you can request a specific location that, according to experts, supports Sky Go. Simply contact your individual service provider and ask them for a valid location where Sky Go can be used without any problems.

        4: Be careful that your VPN is not blocked from a Sky Go

        Finally, you should make a double evaluation before deciding to buy professional services from a particular premium virtual private network. Many of them are restricted/locked by the simple Sky Go. Even if we use the CyberGhost VPN, we may be sure that it will work as expected since it is not blocked in our time. In addition, it comes in a large covered design and have unlimited data and bandwidth speed.

        The VPN solutions currently agreed for cooperation with Sky Go are:

        • (NordVPN (recommended)
        • ExpressVPN
        • VyperVPN
        • PrivateVPN
        • TunnelBear

        So be sure to test at least one of them and try it too. If a particular problem persists, we recommend that you get the appropriate support and ask several people to solve it. This is one of the advantages of the premium VPN solution – it must allow a delivering customer to solve a person’s outstanding problem.

        That should be enough. If you have any difficulties or suggestions on the VPN regarding Sky Go and related topics, please post them in the Comments section below.

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