How to pin Settings to the Start Menu in Windows 10

As we continue with the latest updates of Windows 10, they continue to discover interesting new features. In this post, we will talk about one of them, and it is the possibility to add the respective favorite settings to the start gallery. So, if you want to know how to attach several pages of settings, often located in the Settings application, to the Start menu for Windows 10, follow this tutorial with the steps below.

In addition to the detailed configuration settings in the Start menu, this tutorial will also show you how to resolve individual configuration options. To start building the pinch steps, go to the main settings page, which is first in the entire Start menu, and continue from there.

How can I apply settings to open the Start menu on Windows 10?

a. Use the pin to start the food selection

        1. Click with the left mouse button or press the Start function.
        2. In the corresponding start menu, click or type with the left mouse button on the Settings function, which is located in the upper left corner of the selection options.
        3. Now you should often have the settings window in front of someone.
        4. Left-click or tap the start you want to add to the Windows Ten Start menu type.
        5. At the top of each configuration window, next to the consultation dialog box, there are now almost all the pin icons.
        6. Simply click with the left mouse button or tap on the spindle icon combined with the setting you have selected, and it will often be pinned in the Start menu, while in Windows 10
          Note: After entering a specific setting in the General Start menu, you will also notice that this setting will unfortunately change, i.e. you will be told that it already has a lot of spindle.
          Note 2: You will probably perform the same steps for all the settings you want to keep in the Windows 10 Start menu.

        The latest versions of the Windows ten operating system also allow you to configure your preferred configuration page to actually access the Start menu by simply right-clicking on the corresponding configuration form. Once you have done this, a quick Pin to Start menu will appear, allowing you to best adjust the appropriate settings page for the Start menu.

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        2. create a shortcut for computer recommendations

        If you want to access some parameter pages in a short time, you can create a shortcut for desktop settings as an alternative to the food list start pin settings. All you have to do is right-click on your desktop, select New > Shortcut. A new window will probably open in which you can select the page you want to give the shortcut.

        If people want to make the setting via the Start menu, read the following:

            1. Open the original recipe.
            2. Find the desired setting and deselect it from the list.
            3. Straight right or hold the valve on this gear.
            4. In the menu that appears, click with the left mouse button or tap on those that are not in the Start menu.
              Note: Another way to cancel a setting is certainly to return to a kind of setting window, move the mouse pointer over the setting you want to cancel directly, and click with the left mouse button on the icon that will be displayed next that opens the search dialog box.

            And the customers are all ready, you immediately know how to insert the modern settings contained in the settings of this application into the start menu of your Windows 10 Build 10041. Even with them as part of this training, if you encounter difficulties with the steps, you can finally as we ask for help by registering in the comments section of each page below and we will certainly help you as soon as possible.

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