PowerPoint file is corrupted and cannot be opened/saved

If you try to open an appropriate PowerPoint document and receive an error message indicating that the file is corrupted and cannot be opened or saved, it was always a sure sign that the tab you are trying to open or move is corrupt.

Some of the characters that accompany a damaged project include an error message that explains that it is not a PowerPoint presentation , that the PowerPoint program may not be able to open a file type or that part of the file is lost. In addition to these error messages, various types of error messages include invalid page errors, limited system resources, general protection responsibilities and illegal instructions.

To determine if the presentation is really damaged or corrupted, try opening it on an additional computer to see if the surprising behavior is almost as good on this PC, or create a new Complete in PowerPoint and see if the same behavior persists.

If you cannot open or save the newly created presentation, check and install updates running in Office, and then consider the solutions below to solve the problem.


  • Perform a clean restart
  • Repair
  • Clean up
  • Clean up
  • Clean up PowerPoint
  • Drag the presentation onto the icon of the PowerPoint program file
  • Drag the presentation onto the icon of the PowerPoint program file
  • Drag the damaged height as a slide onto an empty screen
  • Open the temporary file version, related to the presentation
  • Try the following to open the complete PowerPoint Viewer presentation
  • that Scandisk made on the disk
  • Disable all options under Protected Perspective
  • Save the presentation as an RTF file
  • Manually reset the security settings to the appropriate settings
  • Use the Open and Repair guide
  • 1. Restart your computer properly

    Learn how to do it here:

  • Log in with an account that often has administrator privileges.
  • Click on Start, then type msconfig. in the box, then press Suggestions
  • The utility System Configuration becomes honest
  • Go to the tab
      • Click
          • Click here to update the Starttup Article box . (The checkbox is grayed out)
          • Go to the Services
          • tab Click here to select Hide multiple Microsoft services

        • Click disable all.

        • Check the performance of medical practice, then resume daily operation

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        2. 3) 3. 3. 3. repair PowerPoint

        To do this:

        • Click Start by Startup and select Control Panel
            • Right click Correct Office programs
            • Selection Change
            • Make an immediate repair and then a subsequent online correction

          . Drag the conversation over the tattoo of the PowerPoint program file

          • Right-click Start and make a choice Run, then enter the following instructions according to your MSI version of PowerPoint installed on your computer:
              1. MSI version of PowerPoint in 2013, type (PowerPoint 2013 64 bits) or (PowerPoint 2013 32 bits) , and press Pull Enter.PowerPoint 2013 Click-to-Run, type (PowerPoint 2013 sixty-four bits) or (PowerPoint 2013 32 bits), then press Enter.PowerPoint Click-to-Run, type (PowerPoint 64 bits) or (PowerPoint 24 bits) , then press Enter.
                • Click OK
                • Go to Windows Computer Explorer and locate the exe
                • Drag a damaged presentation icon from one tab to the Powerpnt.exe icon in the other current window. PowerPoint will try to really open the presentation, but if not, try the following solution.
                • – PLACE: Repair: Powerpoint does not play speakers or videos

                  . Insert the damaged labels as slides into an empty demo

                  To do so:

                  • Create your empty presentation
                  • Insert the damaged event as a slide by clicking on Home Situation, and select the arrow – New slides from the Slides menu-Family

                  • Click Reuse Reuse Delete slides

                • In the task area reuse Click Navigate
            • Click the representation
            • Right-click a single slide when the task pane
            • clicks on Insert All . If successful, all slides of the corrupted presentation, with the exception of the slide show, will be inserted according to the new presentation.
            • Click (with a new name for the presentation)
            • Enter the perfect new name for the event, then click

            You will often see the corrupted presentation as a model even if it does not look like what you want to give it… to….. you were expecting. To do that:

              To actually access the menu File
            • , click Save As
            • Enter a new name relevant to the presentation, and also click Save to make a copy of the restored presentation, that you can use if most of the damaged corrupted presentation has damaged only one
            • Under the tab, click More in the group Themes
            • Click
            • Click normally on the corrupted one after and then on . The Slide Master of the presentation replaces the new Glide Master.

            If you later notice harmful behaviour, the model may have damaged the presentation. In this important case, use the backup copy and recreate the main slide. If the backup copy of the new presentation is currently corrupted like the original project, proceed to the next solution.

            all five. Open the version of the temporary file that refers to the presentation

            When you modify a particular presentation, PowerPoint creates a temporary suite of the file called PPT ######### .tmp. 12), where ########### represents a four-digit number, and this temporary initiation can be in the same folder as the normally saved submission or only in the folder of the temporary file.

            To achieve this:

            • Rename the file, then try to open it with PowerPoint
            • Change any old file name extension from .tmp directly to .pptx so that the legal name looks like the following name :
            • Start PowerPoint, go to the menu often File and click on .
            • Go to the folder that uses the renamed file.
            • Try to open the specific file in PowerPoint.

            On the other hand, a file can correspond to this temporary file that has been created each time you have saved the most important presentation, so open each file to see if it is a non-permanent copy of the presentation. If there are none or if they have the same symptoms of corruption or damage, try the following solution.

            – RELATIVE: Repair: PowerPoint less than the answer in Windows

            6. try to open PowerPoint Viewer

            with the PowerPoint ms presentation. You will need it if you want to download and install the PowerPoint Viewer website. Perform the following steps:

          • Open Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge Company.
          • Go to the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2010 website
          • Install the PowerPoint Viewer, by clicking on Download and clicking on Run
          • Click Download
          • Click Run
          • Click
          • Click
          • Click
          • Click
          • Click
          • Check box Click here to accept the driver’s license conditions of the computer , and then click Next.
          • Click OK.
          • Open the damaged object in PowerPoint Viewer by clicking Start>All Applications>Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer understand
          • Click Accept
          • Click the damaged selection and select Open. If it is PowerPoint in PowerPoint Viewer, then copying PowerPoint in 2013 or 2016 can damage a person on your PC. If you don’t want to open it, copy the file and paste it into an empty hole. If it cannot be copied from which it is damaged or located in any damaged part of the hard disk. If you can copy it, run your Windows. copy it in PowerPoint 2013 or maybe even 2016

          7. Scandisk which is connected to the hard disk

                File Explorer.
              • Right-click on the hard disk on which the damaged visualization is located.
              • Click on
              • Click on
              • In, click on .
              • the checkbox.

              • Select the frequent check.
              • Click on .

              Scandisk can check if the actual presentation is networked and repair it, but this is not guaranteed, as PowerPoint will review the presentation in 2013 or 2016.

              – LINKED: FIXED: Disable all other options under Protected View

                      • Select Trustcenter > Trustcenter Settings > Trustcenter.
                      • Select Protected view.
                      • Delete each of the options under Protected View to click OK.
                      • Restart PowerPoint and test to open the presentation

                      9 decades. Save the presentation in your own Rich Text Format (RTF) file

                      • Open the specific presentation.
                      • In the menu File , click Save
                      • Select Other formats .
                      • In the list Save file in relation to Type , click on Outline/RTF(*.rtf).
                      • In box File name , type the name you want to use
                      • Select a location where you want to save the presentation, then click Save .
                      • Complete the presentation.
                      • : No graph, table or other text message in the original presentation will be manually recorded in .rtf.

                        Open the.rtf file by going to File>Open>List files>All contours can be all files and then this RTF file saved and opened. Open it. Open it. This restores the presentation based on the original contour view.

                        – LINKED: 5 best animation software for this great presentation

                        10. Manually reset the security settings to the overdue settings

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