SOLVED: Windows 10 Quick Access error

DeepL access is a new feature that replaces what was previously recognized as Favorites, and under Windows 10, this feature can be found in the navigation pane of the file explorer.

The advantage of this feature is that you can navigate faster to the places where you come most often, as you know, where you have been recently. By default, the File Explorer starts with DeepL access, but you can also modify it as you wish.

The convenient way to find folders helps a lot, especially before some folders or files can’t be found a little easier or you can’t remember how you saved the file.

But there are times when DeepL access may not work, either because it remains blocked, or because you cannot remove or undo it, and other days it loses track of dream files while still pointing to the existing location.

If you encounter the perfect Windows 10 DeepL access error, try a new solution to solve the problems.

FIX: DeepL access errors on Windows 10

  • Temporary troubleshooting
  • Disabling DeepL access and resetting data
  • Resetting the system for your PC
  • Computer or laptop

  • Setting folder options
  • 8.

    The first thing you need to do is to restart your computer, but where it still doesn’t help, try running Windows built-in troubleshooting on the best computer, which can automatically solve some common problems like Windows Ten Quick Access error, and others choose network, hardware and devices, as well as software compatibility.

    Here is how to start your troubleshooting:

    • Click Start and put Control Panel
    • Type Troubleshooting in the search box of the Keep search box on top of the panel, and select Troubleshooting

  • Go to System and Security
    • Click System Maintenance
          • Click Next

      You can also perform an SFC test easily, using the command line instead of the administrator, then check to see if there are any corrupted files that can cause the problem.

      • Start right and select Command prompt (Admin)
        • Enter the commands below:

        dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth


        • Close the window at the same time as you finished

        If this does not require any help, try the following solution.

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      Delete DeepL access and then reset the content

      To disable quick access, you can disable the display of files or versions that you find and use frequently. If you want to delete all current or current files/folders, click the View tab, Bite Options, and then click Edit Folder to open Search Options to open some folder options.

      Then uncheck the Show recently used files in DeepL Access in General box and display the frequently used directories in the DeepL access fields directly under Privacy, then click Apply and Exit. This will delete both sections because of DeepL access in the File Explorer.

      The Windows ten 10 DeepL access error can occur due to damage to the data file that your system stores for common folders. You must therefore reset the data to solve your problem after disabling DeepL access:

      • Simply right-click Start and select Quick Prompt (Admin)
      • Enter the following command:

    del /F /Q

    • Press Enter
    • Close the command prompt and restart your computer

    If this does not help you, try the following solution.

      . Perform a system reset for this PC

      The reset allows you to choose the files you want to keep or delete, and possibly reinstall Windows.

      Here’s how to get started:

      • Click Start
      • Only Settings

      • Click Update Security)


      • Click
      • Click
      • Click Click Recovery on the left pane
        • Click This PC
            • Click Get started and/or select an option to either Keep items files, Remove or restore all system settings

      Note : deletes all your signature bank files and resets the spaces. All the applications you install can be deleted, and only the preinstalled mobile applications that come with your PC will be reinstalled.

      If it is not easier, try the following solution.

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            • 4.

              Sometimes, folder locations in files in the remote file kit can find their way according to the DeepL access cache so that remote systems may no longer be accessible to a person, then the file explorer waits for them to be delayed before rendering.

              One way to solve this problem is to remove them from the sudden access area, but you can also get a folder by joining it:

              • Open Folder-Explorer

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