Can’t install Skype in Windows 10

Today, we have many VoIP services open for all platforms, especially Windows 10, but Skype is even the most common solution for Windows users. Microsoft recently tried to bully the UWP version of Skype because it is the standard version of the system. In addition, customers who tried to install a wonderful Skype could not do so.

To remedy this injustice, our employees have given clear instructions below. If you can’t install a standard Skype on Windows 10, do the following.

How to report previous years Skype errors cannot be installed in Windows 10

Microsoft has an obvious route to get users to switch to the UWP version of Skype. And, at the top of the market up to version 8, Skype for Windows experienced via Microsoft Store was a very pleasant use of VoIP and instant messaging. Background updates, an attractive user interface and versatile features. Over time, however, things have gone really wrong, because a modernized aesthetic will not replace general usability, pests and insect problems (my opinion only). So several users have decided to use the classic version of Skype. Nevertheless, milliseconds are picking up again, combined with the aggressive promotion of UWP opportunities.

The first step backwards to avoid this is simply following the link. Then simply select the tab and run a Skype Classic installer in different forms of compatibility and with administrative write access. This should enable it to function and overcome the blockade imposed.

Here’s how to make it positive step by step:

  1. Run some installers in the normal way and turn off the phone when prompted.
  2. Right-click on the installation program and open Properties.
  3. Select tab Compatibility .
  4. Enable Run this program in the Compatibility Structure box for.
  5. Select Windows 8 from the drop-down menu.
  6. Confirm the change.
  7. Right-click the Skype installer again, not to mention the click Run as administrator in the corresponding context menu.

This is what you should do. The interface of your Skype version can also cause problems for you. Namely, a good solid set of old versions will not meet the latest iterations of Windows ten. Since the anniversary update, all supported versions of Skype are quite limited. The best way to avoid this is to browse the shared website and download the traditional Skype for Windows 10.

That’s all. In this case, you are still having problems with Windows 10 and/or Skype and don’t want the UWP version to work, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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