How to speed up game update downloads in the Microsoft Store

If you can’t download your favorite games efficiently enough from the Microsoft Store, we may have the answer for you. Many Sea out of Thieves players complained about the slowness of downloads and a resourceful player even found a solution.

This concern has affected many players especially since the last update of Sea of Thieves, but unfortunately you can now easily resolve it by following the instructions below.

The good news is that you want to use this workaround to improve the specific download speed of any game program you try to install in a person’s store. With this solution, you can also download shop updates much faster.

How to repair slow downloads in the store

  1. Go to Start > type “Settings” > start this settings page
  2. Navigate to the update of car windows > select Advanced options
  3. Go to delivery optimization > select improved options
  4. You still need to support the option “Limit how much information is used to download background updates” and take our cursor to 100%.

This will disable the dynamic download optimization feature of Windows Ten Dynamic, which immediately limits your download speed.

The next step is to completely uninstall the task and download it when it is in the Microsoft Store. Remember that this workaround only applies to the store and does not speed up the downloading of third-party games.

If you still have download problems, restart our modem/router and then make the sale WSRESET.EXE for it. Go to Start > type WSRESET.EXE and press Enter.

If you have experienced other slow-down problems on this Windows 10 computer, the following troubleshooting guides can help you solve these problems:

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