Start Menu Disappears in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7

One of the mistakes some of us may have made in the Windows Ten technical overview is that the Start Meal function disappears when you first activate the operating system or when someone simply cannot access it from a certain point in your use, but if you follow our tutorial below to oppose you, you will fix your start menu in the Windows Ten technical overview and continue your work under Windows 10.

Generally, the Start menu disappears mainly because of its process that did not start when your technical preview was powered by Windows 10 or a third-party service corrupted some of your Windows 10 registry files. Also, for the sake of well-being and safety before carrying out the options described below, I suggest that you support your important work to avoid possible damage along the way.

Tutorial on how to open your Start menu in the Windows Ten technical overview one after the other:

Many users regularly use the Start menu, but a number of users have reported that their PC’s Start menu has completely evaporated. In connection with problems in the Start menu, users reported a specific problem:

      • Windows ten Start Menu and Cortana does not work – depending on the user, sometimes the Cortana and Start menu options do not work for their PC. To solve this problem, you only need to execute a small command from PowerShell.
      • (Windows ten) The start button does not work – If one of our start buttons does not work on your personal PC, the problem may be caused by a corrupted user account. However, customers can easily solve this problem by creating a new user account.
      • start on Menu lost Windows 10 – Several smokers have reported that the Start menu on their PC is alienated. This can only be a problem, but you can solve it by encoding corrupted system files.
      • (Windows ten) The Start menu disappeared after update – Sometimes a strong update can make your own start menu disappear. You can also easily fix this by recognizing the problematic update as deleted.
      • Windows 10 detailed menu does not open, display, respond – Users have reported problems with the Start menu on their personal PC, but if you have other problems with the Start menu, try some of our services.

Solution 1 – Install the latest updates each time

If you buy this problem, you have the possibility to easily solve it with the latest updates. By default, Windows automatically installs updates, but you can also manually check visual aids at any time. To experience this, proceed as follows:

  1. Press Windows essential + I to unlock Settings app.
  2. Now navigate to section Update & Security.
  3. Click Check to get the Updates button .
  4. Windows now checks for updates. If updates are available, they will be downloaded and installed automatically when you restart your PC. Once you need to install the missing updates, check each time the problem persists.

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