Surface Pro 4 doesn’t wake up from sleep

Surface Pro 4 is the most fashionable and advanced member of the Microsoft Surface Pro family. But despite the fact that Microsoft uses large projects to make the device as stable as possible, Surface Pro 4, as light as any other tablet or perhaps a PC with Windows 10, has a lot of problems.

One of the most common problems that addicts have faced since the release of Surface Experienced Pro 4 is the problem of getting up from sleep. Namely, a number of users constantly report this excellent problem as it becomes one of the most common problems of the device. However, there is a very good way to solve this problem and today we will show you how it works.

What to do as if Surface Pro 4 did not wake up during sleep

Not being able to wake your Surface Pro 4 machine can be a big challenge. Speaking of waking up, here are some similar problems reported by buyers:

      • (Surface Pro 4 black lcd of death) – Some users still call this problem a black side of death, but you can really start the problem by simply trying to force a reboot.
      • (Surface Pro eight does not wake up from sleep – This problem can occur for many reasons, but buyers should be able to solve this problem by using one of the solutions proposed in this article.
      • (work Pro 4) screen will not wake up – depending on the users, sometimes your movie will not wake up. To solve this problem, you can try to get a combination of keys and check where it helps you.
      • Surface Pro 4 no longer turns on, start – Not being able to turn on your reliable laptop can be a big problem. If you encounter this problem, do not hesitate to consult the Unable in Power on Surface Pro 4 Post section for more detailed solutions.

      Solution 1 – Use the PC shortcut

      If the Surface Pro Medication screen does not wake up, you can easily solve the big problem with a single shortcut. Users reported that the user interface did not wake up from sleep, but you can still easily repair it by pressing the Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + Shift + Shift + B shortcut.

      Several other key combinations are reported that could solve the problem, considering that Ctrl + Alt Alt + Delete, Ctrl + continue + Esc, or Power mouse and Volume + button. Some addicts have reported that pressing the Volume Up and Volume Down keys three times quickly fixes the problem, so you should try again as usual.

      After the abbreviation has been used, the malfunction must be corrected and, as a general rule, everything starts to work again.

      Few users indicated that there is a Windows Key + P solution that also solves the crisis. It seems that the device will probably change the project mode automatically when you put it in standby mode, so your gift will turn black when you try to wake it up.

      To solve the problem, press the button on the replacement window + the P button combination about three times, wait a moment and your entire screen should appear.

      Solution 7 – Use the power-on time to put the unit into standby mode at night

      Depending on the user, you may be ready to solve this problem by using a simple and quick solution. If the Pro 4 work surface does not wake up from its sleep, you can try to force it to sleep by pressing the exact on/off button.

      Users reported problems with closing the entire cover and turning on the unit. Instead, press the On/Off button to put the unit in standby mode and check whether the problem is happening again or not.

      Solution 3 or more – Install the necessary drivers

      If you have problems with the Relaxation mode and Surface Pro 4, the malfunction could be your driver. To really solve this problem, you must make sure that all your drivers are undoubtedly up to date. Users suggest using the latest Intel drivers to see if this solves your problem.

      Alternatively, you can download any specific missing drivers using the latest third-party application such as TweakBit Racer Updater. Downloading drivers manually can be a tedious task, especially if you don’t know which drivers you want. However, you can automatically update all obsolete driver operators with this tool.

      Many solutions – Connect the power source

      If your Surface Pro 4 cannot wake up, you can be within range to solve this problem by connecting to the charger. Connect the charger and also make sure that the LED is soft. If the LED is moderately off, it means that the battery is not charging.

      Now click on the Power button and check if your device can wake up. If absolutely nothing happens, it is possible that your energy is empty, then let it pay for 10-15 minutes and try again.

      Solution 5 – Disconnect deeper devices

      Sometimes other Surface Pro 4 devices can interfere very well, preventing it from waking up. To check if other devices are the biggest problem, it is important to solve them and try to wake up your personal device again.

      Write protection, microSD sports cards, external monitors, adapters and a variety of USB devices can cause problems when locating them, so be sure to remove them. Then try restarting Surface Pro 4 to verify that the problem is current.

      Solution 6 – Perform this forced restart

      If the current Surface Pro 4 does not wake up with all these settings, the only way to activate your device later would be to restart it by force. It’s always pretty easy to do, and all your website needs to do is press and hold this Power button for 25 seconds or more.

      Some users suggest keeping the power button pressed even if your screen starts to respond. It’s only a very simple solution, but if your PC can’t wake up from sleep, you should be sure you can really try this solution.

      Much more solution – Disable the hibernation system

      A solution we usually try first when we have problems waking up from sleep in Windows 10 is usually to disable the hibernation system. This best solution helps me, because if my hibernation mode is disabled, your Deck Pro 4 can either go to sleep or be completely off without being taken in hibernation mode for the moment. To disable any sleep mode on your upcoming Pro 4, do the following:

      1. Right-click on one Start menu and purchase prompt Admin specific.
      2. Enter the following line shortly after and press Enter:
          /h off
      3. Restart your device.

      As soon as you disable hibernation, put your current Surface Pro 4 in standby once and try to wake it up with a flight. If you still have problems, try some of the solutions listed here.

      Solution 8 – Sleep the whole thing

      If the previous alternative has not done the job, put aside everything you have read in it and do exactly the opposite. So, instead of going into standby mode, you should set all your power buttons to standby mode.

      Although it may seem strange that we have now listed two solutions that differ from each other, it makes sense because the cause of the problem is probably different for different Surface Pro six units. So experiment with these 3 solutions, and I hope you will have solved some problems.

      Here’s what you need to do to put all the power buttons in standby mode:

      1. Finally, go to search , enter power options , and open the power and standby settings in addition .
      2. Select Additional power settings throughout section Associated settings .
      3. Be sure to select option what the electrical buttons do from the left window.
      4. Now set everything so that sleeps (as shown in each of our pictures).
      5. Click Save Changes

      This replacement has been confirmed to anyone with a Reddit user, so we can say that the situation has helped at least one person. Hopefully it will help you too, but as part of what it doesn’t do, try the other products in this article.

      The solution is – Change control of the network card

      Maybe you changed your prepaid card for the wireless network so that Surface Pro 4 does not allow Surface Pro 4 to fall asleep to save energy. In this case, you must change this option and make sure that the problem is solved. That’s exactly what you have to do:

    • Press Windows key + X, not to mention the choice Device manager of the sale.

    • Find the Pro 4 wireless network card, the right visitor and go to Features.
    • Now go to the tab Freight management . Make sure that option Allow a computer to turn off this energy-saving method is enabled.

      This solution has also solved all the problems of some Surface Pro 4 customers, and we hope again that this point will help you, in case none of the solutions has solved the problem before.

      Solution Ten – Change the connection for solutions

      One of the users who had this problem said they identified the connection settings via their Surface Pro 4, which actually prevents the device from always waking up.

      If your Surface Pro 4 requirements connect to your alarm clock, errors may occur. The solution is to disable this option in the settings. If you are really not sure how to proceed, simply follow these instructions:

      1. Open most App
      2. Now go to Settings > Accounts.
      3. Select Connection Options from the drop-down menu . under Registration required, select Never.
      4. Restart your Surface Pro 4 family

      That’s all for our article on troubleshooting on the Pro 4 interface As said, all these solutions have been useful for some users in advance, but as the problem is widespread, we can’t guarantee that all these solutions work for you, but then it’s worth a try.

      If you have any comments, questions or other suggestions, please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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