VLC media player lagging in Windows 10

VLC Media Player is one of the best media players in the world. This payer is available for a variety of platforms, but Windows 10 users have reported some related issues. According to them, the VLC Media Content Player is lagging behind in video playback.

VLC Media Player delay, how to fix it?

Table of contents :

              1. VLC media player mill delaying video
                    • cache value change
                    • transform the loop filter for H.264 Understand
                    • Disable hardware decoding
                    • Modify video presentation output module
                  • VLC signals the player with 1080p delay
                        • Change that the power parameters
                        • assign the appropriate GPU. to VLC
                      • VLC mass media player delay mkv
                        • Update FFmpeg Threads to 2
                        • Make sure, that your drivers are measured correctly
                        • Convert to another format

    Fix –

    VLC advertising and marketing media player with delay

    Solution 10 – Change the cache value

    If these VLC media players are behind in video practice, You can correct this error by changing the caching. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open the VLC reader and go to what can Tools > Preferences. You can also press the key combination Ctrl + P.
  • When the window Settings opens, go to the help at the bottom of the page, but under Display Settings select All. Almost all of them. The appearance of your window The settings should now be able to change.
  • Go to section Input / Codes and locate the File Caching (ms) option. Change the equity from 300 to 600 or 800 and click on Save.
  • The above solution works for the local PC on your PC, but if it tries to display a file that experts believe is shared on the network, your company should do the following:

  • Repeat all the above steps.
  • get the network cache value (ms) and increase it relative to each other.
  • Click Save to apply improvements.
  • Solution 2 – Invert the loop filter for H.264

    Users have indicated that you can fix delayed video problems with VLC by changing the Skip filtration loop shape option to decode H.264. To try it, proceed as follows:

      Settings Window in VLC.
    1. Go to zone Input / Codecs > Video codecs FFmpeg.
    2. Locate Skip the loop AC filter for the H.264 decoding option and assign it to All.
    3. No doubt click on the button Save .

    Keep in mind that this option will slightly decrease the quality of the last order video, to improve your playback. Video playback. If you want to maintain the quality of your video, be sure to try several options first. Some Internet users also suggest that you take a look at option Allow speed tricks in the alternative menu FFmpeg , so you can try this positively.

    Much more solution – Disable hardware decoding

    To help users, you can solve this problem by disabling hardware decoding. This is certainly a useful feature, but sometimes there can be conflicts with some rides, so you may want to remove it to solve TV delay problems. Perform these steps:

    1. Open Settings Display.
    2. Go to Input / Codecs.
    3. by codecs portion locate the decoding accelerated by the hardware and package it in Disable.

    4. Save only.

    Users have reported that, in many cases, enabling hardware decoding should solve this problem, so you should try to move it forward.

    Solution 4 – Change the online video output module

    If you have problems with video delay in the VLC game device, you can solve this problem only by changing the output area. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open all settings.
  • Go to video > output modules .
  • Experiment with different output modules until you believe that the one that works for owners.
  • Fix – VLC media professional lagging 1080p

    Solution 1 – Change the individual performance settings

    Sometimes your printing settings can cause this problem, especially if you use Battery Saver or Power Saver Profile on your laptop. These two profiles can be designed to reduce power attacks by reducing the performance of your new hardware. HD video is also demanding because it requires hardware performance in the structure to be broadcast smoothly. To resolve the delay of the VLC media player, you must change your power settings near these steps:

    1. Press Windows Tip + S and enter Power Options . Select Power Options from each of our menus.
    2. Select High power turn .

    Remember that the majority of High Performance Power Profile users certainly consume more energy and discharge your individual battery more quickly, but the problems caused by 1080p video must remain stable.


    Solution 2 – Assign VLC

    an appropriate graphics processor if you have a trusted laptop that has both integrated in addition to a dedicated graphics card, be careful – transfer the right to allow them to VLC. To do this, simply open the configuration tool of your graphics card as a Nvidia control panel or influence the control center and assign the appropriate card to help VLC. Although the assignment of a dedicated VLC graphics card is generally better, a handful of users reported that using an effects card integrated with VLC has eliminated the obstacle for them, so you may want to try it.

    Fix – VLC hardware player with mkv delay

    Solution one – Change FFmpeg threads to a pair of (11 . 5)

      If VLC is delayed while you have mkv files, you can try changing the cause of FFmpeg threads. Depending on the user, you can do this by following this path:

      1. All settings Open the VLC window.
      2. Go to the section and / Codecs > Video Codecs >
      3. Locate Threads and change the value of your dog to 2.
      4. Bite Store and Restart VLC developed for application.

      (Solution 2) – Of course, make sure your drivers are used correctly

      VLC uses your GPU for video processing and if you want it to display mkv videos correctly without any delay, you must install a full driver package. Some drivers allow you to choose between full installation or this minimal installation, so be sure to download and install the full version that has to do with graphics card drivers.

      In addition, some users recommend copying the ATI Avivo tool to solve mkv offset problems in VLC.

      Solution 5 3 – Convert to another format

      Sometimes, the best solution is always to convert the.mkv file if you want to convert to another format. Mkv files have the ability to be sophisticated, so you should use Video Converter and transfer them to any other less boring format.

      Problems with VLC media golfers and delays can ruin your company’s multimedia experience, but you may be able to solve this problem by changing the VLC settings. If these good deals work, you can always try a completely different media player while you are like Daum PotPlayer, SMPlayer, GOM or even one or more MPC-HD that tend to use your GPU better.

      However, if you still have problems on your PC or if you simply want to prevent them from finding the future, we download this tool as an individual to solve various PC status problems such as file loss, malware and hardware failure. It will also optimize your PC for maximum performance.

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