Windows 10 VPN error 789 connection failed due to security issues

If you are using a VPN, with the prompt with the error Windows ten VPN 789 that we have: The L2TP connection attempt failed because the entire security layer encountered a refinement error during the first negotiations with the remote computer , the causes may be in some of your systems.

This error occurs immediately if your system is not carefully configured to connect to a very L2TP server, so the connection will fail three times before connecting to the server.

It is certainly also associated with a bad configuration of your operating system as in this case Windows ten. This out-of-brand error is triggered when the IPSec L2TP/IPSec human interaction agreement fails.

Other possible causes are:

  • L2TP depending on the VPN client (or VPN server) will be behind NAT.
  • The fake certificate, also known as the pre-shared key, is defined on all VPN servers or clients
  • Machine certificate, otherwise the approved root machine certificate is present unlike the VPN Internet hosting server.
  • The machine certificate on VPN server does not really have “server authentication”, since the entire EKU

Here are some solutions that allow you to correct the Windows error ten VPN 789 on your computer or laptop.

FIX: Windows VPN error 10 789

  • Reset Network Adapter
  • Check my certificate
  • Reactivate IPSec on your computer
  • Before testing almost all these solutions, check that the L2TP and IPSec options are equipped. If you have created your VPN service manually, make sure you are using the relevant pre-shared 12345678.

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    a. Network adapter

      • Right tap start and selection Device manager
        • Find Network adapter , click to expand the list
          • . Identify your network card and right-click it to select it at that time Uninstall
          • Click OK
          • Restart a person’s computer. The device will be reinstalled, but should also be reinstalled to the default settings

          If this does not resolve the Windows 10 VPN 789 error, try another solution.

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      2. check the records

      check that the correct certificate is used, both on the client and on the web page. If a pre-distributed key (PSK) is used, make sure that the same PSK is configured on the client side and on the VPN web server machine.

      3. activate IPSec on your family computer

      • with the right mouse button Start and select in addition Run

      • Find ‘IKE and AuthIP IPSec when entering the keying modules’
    • Find IPSec routine IPSec Policy Agent”
  • Check the status. If it says “Started”, click on “Start” to restart. When the specific “Start” option is disabled, activate the idea
  • Select Start type
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